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I guess you could say my journey into bondage began when I was very young. Watching all those "crime dramas" of the early 70's. Seeing the heroine tied up over and over... I loved it! I also used to watch a lot of "The Perils of Penelope Pit-stop" cartoons. I desperately wanted to be the one in the ropes!

I'd always find ways to get the neighborhood boys to tie me to trees and fences. You have to love the good old "cops and robbers" games! :-)

The older I got the more excited I became about bondage. It pretty much dominates my thoughts these days! Nothing wrong with that, right?! I love it! I love the way the ropes feel against my skin. Lying there unable to move... completely helpless.

Inside you're going to find photos and videos and more documenting every step of my on-line bondage journey, which started in the mid-90's and continues today.

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